Sunday, February 28, 2010

Board or Die.

Tyler Ashbee and his parents are the nicest humans on earth. I thought id repay tyler for letting me stay at his place by posting this photo of him.
Free food makes me feel bad. but i appreciate every bit.
Bruce Willis street tag?
the wrong side.
Lucas showed up.
Im a size 1o and a half. 11 in crocs.
bungee me in.

We stopped by Beebes house. his room.
We went to scotties and got our boards all G-code.
We got hooked with some tall Stellas too. hyped
FEASTIN! Pizza and beer, thats whats up.

Get some.
These are some of the biggest dogs ive ever seen.
Harrison Gray rolled up and bro'd for a bit.
Corey and Cartwright. champs.
Patty Coco Bread. Delicious dinner from a gas station.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pit stop

We grabbed some Dinner at Hooters.
Bam photo as soon as you walk in
Sup girl

They had deep fried pickles. Just one more reason to go.
Bshaw is siked now that hes got his medicine.
harry scopin the new SkateboardMag. This issue is pretty fresh. Daniel Lutheran is a beast.
This ones for Jimbo.
We dropped phil off at the Baltimore Greyhound station... sketch.
Everyone was out except for me and Chris. We met up with some Locs and hit a cool spot. nice way to cap off the trip.
I hate doing this shit.
On the way to the airport i snapped this tag real quick.
Changed my flight home to stop in Toronto. Hanging with Ashbee and Beebe for the next week.
Team Pitchers at Boston. Thats whats up.

Colin D Watt at the ashbee pad.
Canadian Breakfast. So hyped.
Old Faithful.
I have no idea why i posted this photo.
More Ontario to come.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Are you down?

The East Coast is hot but not too hot.
Bshaw boarding in tees.

Our Car got towed from breakfast one morning. Me and Phil stayed behind.
This guy swooped up 3 other guys in the 10 minutes it too Gary to go get ours. Do work.

This guy had a tight row bike.

You got it Phil.
Marco (Bozwreck Enthusiast) met up with us at a spot with his little girl
They hooked us with this Huge bottle of Vodka.
"do you guys like downrails? cause i dont shoot that homo shit"
Possum Poo
Hayden rolled in from Prague and met up with us.
Harrison too.
The Crab up here is BOMB
Mark shines white and Harry shines.. Ginger?

Me and Chris got our boards all tuned up at Three Ride shop. Thanks hommies!

Stackin millimeters of rain
The Deadest Lung under the sun.