Saturday, May 29, 2010

Before the rain

Amazing how these things.
Turn into these things. Its better then Christmas!
Cruised to Griff Jodys and Dereks. This may be the last you see of this house. Jody has lived here for 3 years. He moves into the village this month. Stoked
Derek and Griff quit smoking this day
We will see how long that lasts. Once you Pop you cant stop...
From this point on is Alex Beebes guest blog Appearance. I was skating and he was bored.
Leo-crail tail the 8!
Me keeping it low impact with a smith.
Leo crail slashs

Max Fine. Once this guys ankle gets better hes gonna be blowing up all over my blog. Skates like a champ
This bench is rad
The Fut, Alex Stathis
Me trying to backside 360 kickflip while max creeps
Me with a BS flip
Then we went to Leylands. Picked up some Gatorade and hung out.
Aaron showed us his paintball gun. Check out his BLOG. Its Infinitely sicker then mine.
Then shot it at some trees
beebe getting some

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