Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the Sweltering shred

Im back home in Winnipeg for the most of this summer and fall. Its crazy hot here. upwards of 36 degrees for a few days now.
First stop, the Mansion
Evan Sinclair. True homies
Jimbo warms up on the front street
Will and his lady are really into guitar hero right now. Thats so 2007
crowding around to see the new Transworld skate video
Me and Alex Doyle went for a skate
stoped at SK8 to set up a board. Cain and TJ were there. chillin
Corey Moss the boss with a back lip.
and a back tail
Skyler is in town too for a quick Vaca. Were showing him Winnipeg's finest.
Evan with the switch Lazer flip?...
Tyler Geurts crook up
Ty, front nose
squirts, back blunt
Ev dawg, front blunt
again with the front blunt
Tyler still on the come up with this front board

OG ledge spot from green apple days that should get skated.
mansion eyes
We went to Gimli for a swim and skate. Jarad Will, and Ev.
Ty with the back tail
Jarad backside flips up
Me and Doyle share the same love for Vitamin Water. Sponsor me?
Lake Winnipeg RULES

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