Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quebec Supdate #1

In quebec for the new year and beyond. trying to land a few moves on my snowboard. Im pretty excited about it. Ive never been here before and it really is as nice (and old) as everyone says.
Mark crewed up
Then Hayden
Best 25 cents ive spent in awhile

The Times
Phil Jacques. Alot more of this guy to come
Photog Oli C.

a make by Greg TheGarden


OMG. Poutine Palace

This Poutine is the BOMB shit. Finally i get to enjoy the real deal.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Nor Villa-in

Connor Ward threw a pretty fun snowboard related party at the Nor Villa last night. Little bit of shreding and booze consumption.
The setup was intense to say the least. Vaags flossin
Griffin family members and connor
Colin and Kate
OG Ben
the drop in was wild. Pretty sick just rolling in on it. Id say it was a 2 trick line.

Too short and J-wash
Tyler and Aub
Cook and Trev
high fashion
Chelsea, long since retired and partied out.

Hunter, is the bomb
Connor and myself
gangst, i guess
We went back to the gypsy flophouse. HA! Nerf war

Street Cred

hot hot heat

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dislocation sensation

Mark Sollors dislocated his finger while on a recent trip with myself. Heres a clip from tws of the wreckage.

Heres is the LINK aswell. i cant stop it from cropping the video, sucks.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The big night

Last night was the annual park theatre gathering for the local skate video premieres.
playing this year was O'doyle rules, Pack of shizos, and Just a sample.
All three videos were better then i had imagined.
Standouts in my head were Jamie Mospanchuck, Cole Middelton, Kevin Friesen, Skrib, and Everett in pack of shizos.
Try check them out if you can!

Evan, and Marky
Tyler repping, and bill lurkin
evan and Stelly. Rippers!
Children eagerly waiting! i got there early.
Matt, and Russell

TJ going fast
Mcd. Green Apple representative.
Alex Doyle
Chris Saniuk!
serduletz bros Drex and Jimbo, cover art.

Push ups for boards. At this point everyone was pretty teen drunk.
its over
Tampon and Jimbo
instead of ripping his shirt off skrib just picked up doyle.
Bram copin his.
Pat squeezin and Bram smokin.
K fridge also rips.
Then back to the mansion for some pizza and as per usual, a good laugh.
bram, james, nick
A warm welcome
Then Strangler and Will attacked me as i tried to sleep (nick photo)
shit. (nick photo)