Friday, January 29, 2010

Bungee Me In

BOMB ass thai spot near Jakes in Plymouth.

Im hyped on this concept. Boxes all over the place that you rent movies out of for a dollar a day with your credit card. and you can return it to any of the other boxes. Canada is slipping on this one.
Spring Break

Riley is coming out with us lots, its tight. thanks Riley.
Hyland Hills night session. Once again a blast.
On thursday nights shit hits the fan. You gotta be on your game. The rope strategies are a whole other aspect to your boarding.
Jakes Mom cooked us up a clutch home cooked meal. Spaghetti and meatballs. Thanks Olson-Elm family!


Bill Cosby kit
bungee me... up?
Peanut Gallery
We met up with Jonas and Jarad. These guys are funny. Jarad is fearless on the shred.
Jonas takes nice pictures

Jakes best "artist" look
Jonas was trying to drop the ham of a lifetime and his board broke, bummer.

Then we focused it completely

Fridge Decor at Jonas and hommies house. Edgy

New Think Thank promo

Right Brain Left Brain trailer from Jesse Burtner on Vimeo.

Right Brain Left Brane.
this looks awsome, Big ups to Jess Kimura and Sean Genovese on this one. Canadians holding it down hard for one of the best videos time and time again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GO VIKINGS, St Cloud style

I love College from Jake Kuzyk on Vimeo.

One night the weather was shit so Jake took us up to His house in St Cloud. American College towns are nuts

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bust out the bronco

Alright, so the rain has passed and its cold once again in Minnesota, i tricked myself into thinking the snow wasnt gonna be just like Manitoba. I was wrong. Only the Harsh metal Bronco shuvs can save us now.
Jakes intense drop in, its all plastic.


We went to Jakes uncles house to watch the Vikings Saints game with his family.
The US loves its football. I dont think ive seen a family this excited and riled up before.
They lost, everyone was bumming. I was down for the pulled pork sandwiches tho.

Target breakfast is actually hype?
We stopped by Riley Erickson's house
He was nice enough to lend us his speed box and Genny. Thanks riley
Rickys been boarding with us a little too. Slick Ricks got the moves.

Hook up with these cats for a late night board.

Brandon Grinded a ledge with his face. Monday Mallet order up.

We fixed up our boards.
Jakes clean base.