Sunday, May 30, 2010

Peg Skaterzz

Here is an Edit my good friend Alex Doyle from Winnipeg made on a recent skate trip to Minneapolis. WRECK POSSE!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Jake Kuzyk skate part 2009 from Jake Kuzyk on Vimeo.

Ive had this on my vimeo page for quit some time. I never posted it because i was hoping to upload it in better quality but havent gotten around to it. I edited this and my friends filmed it.

Before the rain

Amazing how these things.
Turn into these things. Its better then Christmas!
Cruised to Griff Jodys and Dereks. This may be the last you see of this house. Jody has lived here for 3 years. He moves into the village this month. Stoked
Derek and Griff quit smoking this day
We will see how long that lasts. Once you Pop you cant stop...
From this point on is Alex Beebes guest blog Appearance. I was skating and he was bored.
Leo-crail tail the 8!
Me keeping it low impact with a smith.
Leo crail slashs

Max Fine. Once this guys ankle gets better hes gonna be blowing up all over my blog. Skates like a champ
This bench is rad
The Fut, Alex Stathis
Me trying to backside 360 kickflip while max creeps
Me with a BS flip
Then we went to Leylands. Picked up some Gatorade and hung out.
Aaron showed us his paintball gun. Check out his BLOG. Its Infinitely sicker then mine.
Then shot it at some trees
beebe getting some

Hyland on the slide

Abortion Survivors Entertainment: Do Hyland from Abortion Survivors Entertainment on Vimeo.

for anyone who is a Ricky Tucker fan, youll be glad to see this. Made by Dan Mueller

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Andrew Geeves- Chapter One skate part

Geeves is the man. Here he is at age 14 filming his BANGER part for a Old Sk8 skates video called Chapter One. Once you hit play click again to go to the actual youtube link. My blog cant fit the videos for some reason.

Slippin into the Future

IchaBoi Jed getting smooth at Mills.

Monday, May 24, 2010

All good things come to an end

I went to Pizza Cafe AGAIN. Its the bomb. I brought Leyland, hes down
Gender and Beede met us. Food Comas all around.
Its May long, meaning Surrey weekend. All the sketchies from that part of town roll up. Mellow Arrests at 2pm.
Max Fine with his best Chongo impresson. Thats a tight Ed Hardy hat.
Max's house. New chill zone

Met up with a couple of Whistler locs down the street from my place.
Nick Alex and a cute chick
Alex making out with... Steven?
Cheeseburger dick and Fat Jermy.
We decided to roll out to the hot spot.
We crashed a private highschool party in the gravel pits. Classy
the Clurb

SeanP and Fat Jeremy. Kickin Ass

Folks started to let loose.
Our crew found a passed out guy. Sorry for your luck

Oh shit he woke up

They Airlocked him.

The escape
Bummer high.
Jessy and Leo moved on to crashing highschool field makeouts.

Oh weird, a bunch of fights broke out.
Mikey taking jocks down

"You aint chill like us"
Pro with a battle wound.
Bullshit, no one needs it.

just pissin on fools
leos getaway
back to reality, kinda? This Hickeys identity will remain Unknown.
SIKE it was Brody. Why am i at Beebes AGAIN? why does no one have a shirt on.
D-fed bikes below a pretty rainbow
Money-shot, pay me
This was a prime opportunity for a photoshoot. Max and D-fed take full advantage of this faggy ass Bow.
Spot check.
Kea and Chaboi Joe Seebs at Alex's house
These brave folks were pre partying to endure the village and all its criminal activities. sketch
Jon V is back from Elsalvador. Lookin like Fabio?
Technology going off in my kitchen
It was the Last day of the 09/10 season here in whistler. G-tips, The Gill, Belz, Rusty, Jody, and Robjn possed up
It was wild up there, 90 foot triple kink box's and shit.
Young Geeves made an appearance
Stathis Front board
Jake Fine fiftys.
Ben and Jess were roosting.
Belzile front 360 melon.
Robjn backs him up

ben switch back 3 tail
Guy in the sky
Ben again
Rusty goes down
Jody getting loose
Matt back 7 a cat track?
We broke out to Merlins.
Jamie and Robjn
Mark just barley fit us into his busy Schedule. Rusty clowning.