Saturday, July 3, 2010

COC week 1

Im blowing it lately on the blog posts. I blame it mostly on shitty internet and too much snowboarding
"See you on the lips"
Oh my gad its m' Carter
Horny Eddie
I hang out in this room quit a bit. Alex, Sylvia, and Wills spot at staff housing.
Ducky and Taryn, up to no good.
a flattering Hayden photo. Its TWS week at camp. all the homies are up
Spring break Jake. His first time to whistler. He let loose.
Serfas eye.
Were cold and dont really feel like doin much. how is this July.
Big Ev and Cornell, the champs.
Leo and Mark.
The rail garden
Will flips
Hes just learning.
Jake switch 180 to 5-0
Alex Tank all the way from Europe.
Spring break switch front boards.
James front lip.
Johannes is going to make another camp video this year. Its gonna be sick.
Jake rock ride
A crowded camp bus back to the compound.
End of session BBQ's are da best. Beebe and Brody taking full advantage of the meal.
Gord and Ken on the Grill
This thing is so radical to skate. Its up at the compound tent. Sean P with a back D.
Will was somehow brave enough to hit this thing. He never biked before.

The famous end of session partys. Me and some of the gang pre partied at Beebes.
It was prom theme. Will does his best.


Joey fell into a hole by accident.

party photos need no caption really.
flash forward to Canada day. The village was going off.
Carter snaking a family portrait.
Mad wildlife all over.
the fireworks were the best i have ever seen maybe.

Bear from the lift. nice crocks Megan.
a Deer sitting right were you unload from the chair.
Skatepark. the Au.
Louif got into town. So he smithed the 6 foot.
session two blog post to come.

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