Friday, July 23, 2010

To the bitter end

Ive been blowing it pretty heavy lately on the blog front. Camp was alot of fun. So much so that i barley took any photos. So here is what ive had from session B till today.
The village on a warm July day.
Louif popped in for a few days on his way to california.
Chris Dufficy, head Coach. Boss
Johannes of helgasons fame. Killing it witht he Go pro.
Max rode the chair down with me. what a time.
The park
Volunteers reaping the benifits
Eddie shot this switch board of me.
Logan back 5 stale. This fly out was so fun.
Johannes and one of his crazy shoots. Always hilarious.
bear cubs.
Will and Geno
We were juding an elm contest for the kids. best nospress. kids were getting creative.

Sean Pettit pro skier. ripping a shred stick
contest winners
This guy already picked up on Jake OE's style of boarding.
The Japanese are always on it.
Shooting skits for Johannes COC summer video.

Zack Aller, SS FS BS 270
The L-show at the top of the ride out.
Then Source skateshop week came. We partied on this rock behind where we were staying every night. Here is Ryan, Raywen, and Todd throwing the rock mid session.
Bunch of idiots
Me getting my player card.
The amount of bats hit that week were uncountable.
and here is a shit load of batting photos from the whole source team and friends. Enjoy

Mark with his only miss of the whole night. He has a 90% batting average. Pretty good.
Cornell gettin into it
the rock
Rizzie looking thug

Ryan missed the bunt! this one kicks ass.


Here Todd showcase's the medal for the Greasers banked Slalom that took place the next day.

leo and Eddie going over footage for the session d edit.
batting... again.

Sterbs the head ski coach even gave it a shot.

once again, a bunch of idiots.

Tonys player card.
oh yeah snowboarding. Duff with his custom board. Thats fake grass.
All the Competitors lined up at the start gate for the banked slalom.
The course was hairy for sure.
Clayton captured it all.
Brocklebank hits the course
Jake Fine
Genovese ended up going the fastest. as you can tell by the poor quality of this photo.
The greasers loved every minute of it.

Raywen completed her run with style.
Geno being awarded.

The last day riding out. Todd throws the rock
The next day i packed up and headed to hood.
Ashley Barker hooked me with a ride down there. Shes dope.
We met up with Mikey Leblanc and Jan.
Mike is letting us crash at his house the next few days.
Im going up to hood in the next few days for VG week. should be good