Monday, October 11, 2010

Crunch time

Its nearing the end of summer here in winnipeg. People are street skating quite a bit to try get some clips
We broke this spot in. Feel free to go there. its tall
Fer Sher
Bar Evan and Doyle makin out
Doyles an awkward teen
Me and stelly lookin awsome

Jared at the forks
Colin gave this thing a swing
Sunsets can be dope at my place
the oral surgeon... wisdom teeth
a handrail
Pat with the ups

Kyle with a lofty BS 180

park patrol kicked us out? this dude was seriously tripping
"HEY! i said NYOOOOW!"
Kyle ran back and got it. I shot this from the getaway car
Kyle Backlip

I went to seattle for the downtown throwdown this last weekend
K2 put me and chris up at the Hotel Max
It rained at the contest so i didnt shoot any photos. Only afterparty shots. Brewster and Winkle
a couple of legends were there...
and these fags. Chris and Forest
Ted and Jess
Ben being deep
a blurry Marben and Stevens.
That about sums up the night

The dangerzone filmer passed out in the rain in an Alley?
lucky we found him

your welcome

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  1. hahahaha yeah paul! throwing up in his own van, classic. dont forget bhappy and windells filmer too! Bummed i missed this.