Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Mansion loves fun

doyle geurts and evan at timmys. Cole lurking in the back there
We went and skate the new park down main. Evan with a kickflip over the little hubba
Doyle in distress
Tyler- air
Doyle front bigspin

Doyle hardflip
Tyler with a stee switch backside 180
Evan switch bigspin heel
Cain switch backsideflip
Jamie nollie flip
Me with a tre
Cain with a popped switch flip
jamie crook
Then we went and skate the plaza. Ive never skated the 6 hubba before cause im a pussy. but that day the boys got me into it. myself with a 5-0
Ty- 5050
me with a back 5050
Ty 5-0
and smith

Then Geurts shut the studio down with a SICK back tail regs
front board from myself
yeah ty
ontop of that back tail
Evan chillin
Me with a Ollie over the rail

same ledge next day. Warmin up with Wiebe.
more shred to come

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