Sunday, November 21, 2010

back to it

Went to Confederation park with Bradley and and Gaucher. The ground sucks but these low hubbas are so fun.
Friday night with Leanne and Gooch
We met up with Mitch Lavoie and did some partying
Sunday afternoons the local temple gives away free indian food. This is the lineup
Its hard to believe. they just feed all us this delicious food. They dont even take donations. tasted so good too.
Found this spot the other day when i went to value village. Small but kinda cool
We picked up a new flat screen 50inch for the house. stoked!
omg!@#$ cuteness fer shur!!@-
Gaucher and Boyd. Tose were Boyd's animals
We went and skated this tiny indoor park. Ty- backsmith from the three
Boyd- back tail
front feeble
getting his back
front blunt
Nollie noseblunt
Blunt up
We went here the next day. Whats he up to?
Oh shit
He wont!?
Then i went up seymour. 2 feet ovenight
setup some stuff
Nic- handplant

Matt heneghan- switch front board
Skyler peeping wreck progress
It was the party snake premiere. I went out solo to watch the video
It was sick. This happened
shit got crazy
Birnie and Geno
It snowed in the city
i found this Ghoul out and about. sup brockle
my snowy place
back to it
Ski-neghan with a purposeful "half back"

double flip d-fed
Ski trying a gay half back

Cum showers with the Bro-deo
yeah colton
Rahim has ill stee. Nose method
down we go

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