Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hallows eve

Guerts's best Weird Al, Stelly is Kid Rock, and Marlena is Pam Anderson

Fakes, but i got you for a second
Costumes at the mansion
Me and Evan, gettin ours
We didnt finish so me and edawg went out friday night sans costume
Stelly and Mar, kickin ass
Mitch (Earnest) and Evan
Guzzi with the tre at Komenda
halloween beers
Finally me finished them. Im Philip and Evan is Terence.
The clurb
Chris Saniuk-Class
Shaunster and T

Skrib switch frontside flipped this 6 times that day
And then i teleported to my new place in Vancouver
Here is my View
Gaucher lives a few blocks away! Bradley got a new cat.
Towering television
First things first, we hit the streets
A bunch of us in Bradleys Van to a far spot.

Zack trying backsideflip
The gap is big
The next day we met up with Keith and some other dudes. We went to UBC
There is some cool shit here. Nate Roline with a Kickflip

Tim with a tail flip.
nate-180 overcrooks
Tyler- backsmith

The next day me and Jeremy checked out Leeside. It was my first time. this place is crazy.
Fat Jeremy front tails
For Bram
I christened the front steps to my new home. Jeremy Photo
Then up to whistler to stay with Aaron and Clay
Pizza Cafe with Jody
8 Mile premiere. Griff and Gill. She made cupcakes
Rusty's chest

Aaron blogs, Eero
K2 tuesday shoot with Robjn and Lenny.
It rained so we skated a parkade. Eman kickflip
Stathis half cab


Matt and Myself
Jody got Iced.
It ruled
More K2 Tuesdays
more rusty
made it back to Vancouver. Me and Skyler skated a friends ramp
Back D. so fun
Jessie and Skyler chillin in my room

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