Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Me and Skyler went and hiked some side country up Seymour a few days back. He threw a stale on our way to the spot
We hit these little cliffs for a good time. I forgot how to hike
Switch 180 from Leanne Pelosi
Skyler testing out his new snowshoes while i suffered behind him

In the park. James was puttin down these nice back tails.
ECS rolls in
And straight to the rail
Russ rides the "chute"?
Saniuk in the same spot i left him.
The next day i checked out what party snake had going on at the dam
ECS and Russ gearing up for a ham.

real sick! hes the filmer
Next day was Powder. Bradley came up and we roosted.
First time in 10 years

But hes still got it!
Check the footage to see the stuff he did to this rail.

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