Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whistler Blackcomb

I made it back to whistler for 2 days of ripping. So hyped to be here.
The first was a Pow day. A really good one. my posse for the first half was Belzile and Leo.
Matt airing out to the pow with leo coming in hot behind
Leo flying out
Leo slashing the knuckle of a blue park jump.
Leo fatty to flatty of this no landing hipper.
7th Heaven Opened and we were one of the first to cruise over there. The cat track always seems to take forever.
It was deep
Then the Glacier opened. Leo shot me slashing against this rock. Cant even see me
Roosting out
New profile pic.
Leo about to drop these Pillows below crystal. The photo if him doing it kinda sucked so i didnt bother posting it.
Leo Blasting a Method on our last run.
Jody let me stay at his house. Geeves and Logan live just down the street. he birdgang was crashing too.
Next day we rode whistler park. Nick Moore, Jody, and Logan was the chair for that day
Top of the park.
Logan with a switch back 5 i think?
jody switch board the new street setup.
Logan switch front 5. But the kind that flips. Whistler park is honestly the best its ever been. The new park staff is killing it on Everything.
Jody front 3 Melon
Logan backside 7 mute.
Jody front 5 indy
Back in Vancouver it turned out to be a nice morning.
Yeah, i defiantly think ill skate today. Winter?
Met up with Bradley
Gauch drove our ass's down to the new New West park. Keith was there.
This bump was my favourite thing at the park. Gauch kickflip
Bradley indy
Gaucher back tail

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