Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spring Hill Reunion

Opening weekend here at the Winnipeg Loc spot (Spring Hill). It was truly a blast from the past. All the O'est of G's came out to shred. A good time all around. It always shocks me how behind the on hill fashion is around here. Its a sight to see. Pretty awesome. Video to come.
Jesse Walker, true hommi
Anthony hayward, first time riding in about 2 years. Possibly my favourite person to board with, of all time.
Vaags and Tony
double suitcase or more commonly referred to out here as the flying squirrel.


10 year olds riding 10 year old snowboards

panic at the disco.
ive got a pass here now. so much much more to come.
ill leave you with a direct quote i heard from a 14 year old who im sure was a first time boarder.
"i want to like... spin on the box. that would be cool, i think."

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