Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bram, wreck, and green apple

A good friend and fellow wreck posse member by the name of Bram Adey had a solo art show at Green Apple skateshop yesterday night here in Winnipeg. It showcased his new Wreck* Zine along with plenty of his recent artwork. It was a good hang. One of those rare times you unexpectedly go somewhere and only people you actually want to see are there.

 The Man of the Hour. Bram

Id say this is the piece he put the most time in out of any at the show. Truly shreded.

Chris Saniuk
Ryan Mcguigan
Doyle and Kev. Im excited for alex's video
Colin reading the new Zine
I think the night went really well, and to top it off they played the new green apple promo for their upcoming video. Id say some of Ryans finest work yet. Ill defiantly post it once it hits the net.
a reading from brams zine

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