Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Road

Against my own will
travel day
super stoked

this is the only food i ate for the next 15 hours. harsh

scott approves
saw my cousin Von at the source!
Brett. Source team manager and all around good dude

Dope pizza place.

I felt like we walked into an american apparel or something.
Calgary Night life, edit to come soon
pro boarders
Cheese Dicks fa life.

Gear Crisis.

I have no clue really
The next morning mark dislocated his finger at the first spot, and popped it back in. Easily one of the gnarliest things ive ever seen.
2nd from the left
likes what he sees 
loc Spot from a distance.
its insanely cold here. so much im to scared to pull out my camera much, for my hands and the elphs sake.

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  1. dude continental breakfast... never really much more then danish and a coffee? .. and I can see that your club of choice was HIFI, we got taken to that place too, it was actually prettty tight.