Thursday, February 18, 2010

District of Columbia

Flew in to washington two days ago. This city is nuts. High pace lifestyle. Overwhelming
See ya Canada
Look what i found on the plane ride in. thanks Air Canada!
Young willing and eager
After that trash television i landed and thought id get my stoke back up while i waited for Gary.

Scary Gary
We hooked up with Brothers Factory the first day while we waited for the rest of the guys. Hommies shred, dont even trip
Its to bad i cant read upside down.
Alex Paradis GTS
They brought us too their spot, thanks guys!
This guy told us some other snowboard came in looking for a genny, were hot on the VG trail.

B-shaw rolled in, with his hidden dick weed. let your mind run wild...
Then Deadlung, he simply vacuum sealed his weed in a candy bar... mellow?
Gary and Bob the Possum.

FODT Photo shoot

The Lincoln Memorial

Some VG fools rolled up on us. It was a media showdown. Chris and Liam

Grendys knows whats ups.
Darrel Mathes Ladies and Gentleman
Jonas. Hooper was there to but i didnt catch a snap of him.

"Yo Bob, what kind of rental did you get?"
"...A Rav 4, No Homo..."

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