Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pit stop

We grabbed some Dinner at Hooters.
Bam photo as soon as you walk in
Sup girl

They had deep fried pickles. Just one more reason to go.
Bshaw is siked now that hes got his medicine.
harry scopin the new SkateboardMag. This issue is pretty fresh. Daniel Lutheran is a beast.
This ones for Jimbo.
We dropped phil off at the Baltimore Greyhound station... sketch.
Everyone was out except for me and Chris. We met up with some Locs and hit a cool spot. nice way to cap off the trip.
I hate doing this shit.
On the way to the airport i snapped this tag real quick.
Changed my flight home to stop in Toronto. Hanging with Ashbee and Beebe for the next week.
Team Pitchers at Boston. Thats whats up.

Colin D Watt at the ashbee pad.
Canadian Breakfast. So hyped.
Old Faithful.
I have no idea why i posted this photo.
More Ontario to come.

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