Thursday, February 4, 2010

Minnesota Mega Post, the final countdown.

Sorry for the lack of supdates. Our schedule got a little hectic near the end of our trip. And this post was so big it took a long ass time to upload to blogger.
Yoshida met up with us to take some photos, hyped. Here is the PT Cruiser they got at compact price.
Another Morning
Jake took a pretty good spill onto some concrete.
Steve Nesser slappy grinded this rail a few years back. So sick style.
jakes elbow got pretty blown out, its hard to tell in this photo but at one point i looked right into his arm it went so deep.
Theme park playground

five stitches later we met up with Jake
And went back to the bomb ass Thai spot near his house.
Scary Gary tripped and broke the riders right rail.
Mike looking more Japanese then usual
Sleeping quarters

We didnt hit this rail
This mouse was lurking our session.

Another year and another rail down. Check out how intense these are?

My spot in the car
Yoshida's Hommie Ash, from Japan rolled with us for a few days
That tree is terrifyingly close

Rileys spot
We went and got some Juicy Lucys from this joint called The Blue Door. Its a hamburger filled with cheese, and all sorts of shit for you to choose. If your ever in Minneapolis i suggest you hit it.

WOAH Keegan.
The first Target EVER, super serial.
Boarding is done, shipped the lights back to Bellingham.

Steamy ass boots, ew.

We scoped The Mall of America.
There was a pretty hip thrift store in the mall?
So hot right now
shocking find
Gary saw this desert Camouflage outfit chilling on a mannequin and had a pretty good idea.
Joe was about to meet up with us and he wanted to scare him, waited in the gear for 30 minutes id say.
Next years helmet fashion
Got him, i video'd it but it wasnt that funny, maybe ill post it one day.
Hungover Jake in the back. It was his birthday the night before, and he passed out before 9pm.
This Ice cream shop makes custom ice cream sandwiches.
BOOM! chocolate pecan cookie, cookie dough ice cream and an MandM cookie. This one goes out to my boy James Friesen.

Back on the bus, this shit sucked.

Some chick got denied into Canada, we had to drop here back off in the US at a Gas Station. Trife.
Me after 14 of the 15 hour bus home to Winnipeg

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