Friday, April 9, 2010

back in whistler

I went back to whistler for a day so i could move in to my new place. Im off to Austria today for Camp K2 so the blog posts might take a brief hiatus due to possible lack of internets.
Beebe came to meet up with me and shred. Here he is chillin on my new Couch.
Gondola Party with Jody and Griff.
Beebe and D-emo
Rusty rolled up
and monster Mark
Jody back 3
Mark going for the Highmark
Robjn Nosegrab
Tiene going for the Highmark
Jake Fine putting down a tp on the bar.
Robjn front board
Mark rides backcountry.
Rusty log jump
leo rainbows.
youd never know but Leo GOT some. Pow slash
Mark Back tail
Walkers in town! and im out. shit

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