Thursday, April 29, 2010

MEGA POST, Stuck in Europe

Alright, so shaw just hooked up the internet at my house this morning. Ive been pretty jacked up about it all day. This post took some time but here it is. My whole trip to Europe with K2 for their camp.
I bused into Seattle to meet up with My team manager and Nick Dirks. K2 got us a hotel downtown. Nick decided to throw a room party with a bunch of his hommies. It was tight.
I took this right after Nick got his sprained ankle trying to backflip bed to bed.
We stayed up till 4 then caught a 9am flight.
Train through seattle
Early morning drinks

A 10hour layover to chill
So many people bike in Europe its sick.
Amsterdam is so tight. I feel like its the most immoral place on earth.

Kevin Winkle K2 team manager.
Dudes would just hang in these Costumes and expect money. It works.

They have every kind of store you could imagine in a 1 mile radius.

The famous Red Light District. Chicks just hanging in windows with their tits out. Waiting for you to come in.

Weed Cafes like woah

Nick just peeing, mellow

Then we flew over to Munich to meet up with Jordan and Tanya.

C-low killed some time, and my change
Our RV to Camp k2 at Ifen Resort
German countryside
Austrian mountains

K2 rented out a small resort in Austria, Set up huge tents, and invited everyone who works for K2, shop owners, reps, and shop kids from Europe to come hang for 3 days.
Dinner tent
Straight to the party tent. Danny Larson was hangin out.
Robbie Sell and the real Danny Larson.
Cheese Dicks
Party bus
I gave Nicks tattoos a few "enhancements"
Then Nick gave Danny some too

Bridges came to hang for a quick Vaca. Hommie is a legend.
First day up

Lunch on the mtn.
Bread ball?
Jordans Schnitzel Heart. Emo

Flip cup event, at 4 in the afternoon.

then ramp shred
smokin Scotty
The cup

Jordan IS rock and roll
Please make this Picture bigger and stare at Jordans Zombie drunk Features. Best photo of the trip

hay everywhere
The next morning. When the keys to our RV somehow disappeared and we all had to leave.
Off to Laaxs resort in Switzerland.
Our ballin hotel room, whud up wit dat.
Ramp just out front

It was Pleasure Mag week at Laaxs. Its almost like a mellow superpark. Jordan separated his shoulder first run, sucked.
Tuna, Onion, bacon pizza for Dinner.
Most restaurants had shoe shiners in them.
This random dude made friends with Nick and wanted him to Cut a Mohawk...

thats whats up
crazy dude and Amy Winehouse
Billy Smalls and Dirks. Billy was the most radical dude we met on the trip i think.

Billy kinda looks like Jed...
Indoor smoking, so hot right now.
Justin Meyer rolled up.

The resort built us a sick jump ramp in 20 minutes no questions asked. Made things real easy for us.


A fresh slice.
This was one of the wildest partys id ever been to.

Billy and danny getting chill.

One night we were partying and all of a sudden folks were lighting off all these miniature air balloons. It looked amazing
Looked like stars.
We drew alot

At this point in our trip we were supposed to be heading home, but due to the spewing volcano in Iceland our flights got pushed back 5 days. We decided to Check out Zurich.
This city is tight, but i think it might actually be the most expensive place on earth. For real.
It ended up that the 2 days we planned on being there were the biggest festival celebrations of the year in Zurich. They celebrate the coming of summer.

We cruised around and found a beer tent with some live music the first night.

Space age telephone booth
Then we decided to go into the tiniest bar down a dark alley. They had these hype ass boot beers. Only cost a mellow 32 franks.
Nick and Danny were unstoppable for a few days. They tore shit up
Out of nowhere a marching band cruised in of the street. It was pretty smooth. you couldnt even move the bar was so full.

Ashbury shout-out
We chilled in this park for hours.

Nick and Danny enjoying a few bad boy sodas. Drinking in the streets is rad.

Here is the main event. They fill that snowman with explosives and light the haystack on fire. As quick as it takes for the fire to reach the fireworks in the snowman and blow its head off, Is how long or short the upcoming summer will be.
We were super far when it went down but that shit blew up. It was tight.

Here is the remains of the haystack explosion at 1pm. They just let it burn all night right in the city centre and the locals just chill around it. Not a cop in sight.
Nicks emergency blanket.

Then we broke out to Hintertux resort in Austria.

The tallest mountain ive ever been on.

end of the earth cat track

Goat Peter
Its done, we finally were able to catch a flight.


  1. Hehe, seems like a dope trip. N though we live in the flattest country in the world; you are so right, A'dam is immoral but awesome

  2. Amazing blogpost, you deserve some kind of medal for that one.