Saturday, April 3, 2010

Californiacation, the final frontier

Morning at Coco's. The Go-to Fullerton Spot.
Will was outy, and there wasnt enough room so Jed sprawled out on the board bags.
Then we cruised over to Sole Tech.
Shopping! omg.
Cook showed me around a bit. Here is where all the thirty two magic happens.

Thirtytwo prody ville.
This ones for bob plumb. BEASTIN
talkin business.
Then the park to meet up with the rest of the crew and get our shred on.
So nice
BS flip from me. I can only skate the hip. Its so fun.
Jed feeble'd this alot of times, Pop'd out of and over.
Larry flip FS noseslide.
Justin and Johnny holding it down.

Then i had to bounce.
Traffic SUXX
text yourself before you wreck yourself with LNP
Winnipeg, here i come.
It was my moms idea to surprise my dad for the easter holidays. Me and my brother flew into town and went straight to his Job site.
He was hyped
The family!
Pit stop at the grandparents.
My aunts dawg named Sadey was there. Its a smooth lookin pup.

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