Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Californiacation three

The demo baby
Laurent and "my fool deadlung"
Darth Meyer
D-bag and Black Mike.
the patio goes off.
At this point I gave my camera to Victor Simco so he could blog while i shredded
Miguels catered. Mexican yo.
Mike the book thief.
lance was filming the whole demo. check the blog for a video in a week or so im sure.
larry i think?
The Fern catching air
a sidewards me.
Zak shreds
Johnny hitting "the jump"
Larry tails
drunk Jake
the Ryan Paul experiance
The setup
Jess gets buck

Jake OE shut down the wallride
Cale rips
After demo cool off. suspect hang?
There was a party at our house every night
Johnny cleaned up dice heavy, so heavy.
Estera's birthday was that night. The cake was pretty good.
so Hip
Dawgs. Jake and Chris
Lazy skate
Jed Bean plant
That night the ender of all enders blessed snowboarding.
We instantly started partying. Everyone was hyped.
Shotguns happened.
Then Hot-tubbing

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