Wednesday, September 15, 2010

California Adventure

heres a post of my whole trip to California just recently
Ashbury is shipping, you stressin Lance?
We went to transworld for the Premier of In Color. I saw some skate and create leftovers outside
This is the park, its pretty cool.
Gary Milton on the right. Tws filmer and wicked dude.
There was Go Carting across the street. We went to kill some time before the video.
Pretty tight.
Its starting
Pretty good turnout.
more trickz
Everyone seemed to enjoy it. At least i really did. Go buy a copy of In Color.
We all regrouped at Carlino and Evans house before the bar
"Would you say hes a filmmaking God?"

some dranks
Jake OE on Fashion

Encinitas is pretty cool
Jack Mitrani had an after party at his house. Hayden got loose.

Ikka playing beer pong with Jack and...
Jake Duncomb? looking for an excuse to party i guess.
Breakfast with Mike and Grendys
This thing is in Encinitas. Its Insane! Omar is a boss.
pretty Make Movish
Darth Meyer and his red Velvet pancakes.
Justin loves cats, just like me.
We helped the Hakkers move into their new spot.
back in time! stolen straight from the family album.

those are some hip shades.
Mike ran through this tree. it was pretty dicey

I saw this add being created by a plan as we drove down the freeway. I was fairly amused.
View from the new place.
Harrison brought us to Stoner park. Its so fun there. Heres cody with a back 5-0
Garfield locks a backside nose-g
Grenier with a back tail
Cody- pop shuv
Java harrison and Grenier Hung around at the new place with me for a few days.
I always wanted to skate this spot. Its difficult but rewarding.
Hardway Harrison with the lip
Chris backs him up
Oh, a little bit of front foot catch?
This thing looks mad Scary
Rolled up to a crew up kids and this?
Videograss Premier in LA
some dudes and Gabby.
Sole tech store.
Brian Cook and the thirtytwo office
JP's "life size" cut out.
This place is so tight, we went for lunch

one of the many sole tech offices
About to look at new Thirtytwo gear, get some!
Then some skating. Chris with a back tail
Back heel

These sideways guys brought me to Disney Land.
It was mad busy.
this must suck.
mike about to see "its a small world" this thing is so creepy.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride was pretty cool.

Brandon Philips met up with us.
Splash mtn. I stayed relatively dry.

lance emailing ourselves the photo from space mtn.

Brandons cool bike
Cook got us tickets to street league. It was actually really cool
dudes warming up

Koston was so cool to watch skate.
Tommy Sandoval frontside flipped off the kicker down the 4 block. It was maybe the most impressive thing i saw all day.
Billy Marks

Koston shooting shirts into the crowd with a gun

malto won the contest. It Ruled.

Sheckler kept trying to hardflip off the bump while Malto tried to accept his 1st place winnings.

after street League we ate and checked out this cool mad made pond.
Evan, Bigs, and Cody.
back in LA
Got lunch with Nima and went skating.
This is by far the most insane spot ive ever seen skated.
i would need a ramp.
Its almost at our shoulder
this thing is crazy too
Its right downtown almost. No wonder no one has done much on it.
Nimas new Apartment is pretty awesome. Especially for the price
So sick!

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