Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chile with K2

K2 was nice enough to bring me out to Chile last week for their 2011 catalogue shoot
I met up with Time Eddy in LA, here he is scoping all the things that customs in Chile have confiscated.
There was a real Bow and Arrows in there.

A driver picked us up in Santiago
He flashed us that sign upside down while me and tim were sleeping on our board bags.
Here is the view from the Cabin we stayed at in Farallones. It was ski in and out of El Colorado. really old, Lots of history.
The inside was kick ass

View from the porch

Sam Hiltner was our filmer for our first few days of some slushy park riding. The Shark
The best sunsets are in Chile, no homo.
Aaron Robinson with a Meth

Robbie walker front 3 indy
Tim eddy- method
A banger for teddy.
Im hyped on this photo. Timed it off the photogs flash. A-rob method.
There are dogs cruising around EVERYWHERE in Chile. This was halfway up the mtn.

Aaron went at least 60 feet off this cat track...

Tim Eddy shuttin the studio down with this backflip.

Next stop is Chillan.
Santiago is so sick. So many skate spots.

We stopped to grab a bite at this tiny restaurant just off the highway. Its called Las Vegas. It was HYPE
More wild Dogs in Chillan
Tim lookin mad Creepy in our new sick spot.
We stayed at the local shop owners bed and breakfast style house. It was so Baller

The Crew
A jump we built, you jealous?
Robbie swimming in powder
Robbie on another jump. such a good day.
Trent logged the hammers of the day. He films for Quicksilver.
My last run of the week down looked a little like this
and this
Some hikers.
Eating one of the many amazing meals Sebastian cooked for us at his house
Time to go. Too bad its dumping
Chillan has a wicked market filled with all kids of stuff
One of the 100 wild dogs i saw that day.
Chile has Beiber fever
I bought one of these slingshots. So hype
bike messenger? check that phone all tapped up.
whiting out a scratch or two on the old rental... retarded.

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