Wednesday, September 1, 2010

just kidding, but never

Mansion Life
Mongos Grill. Delicious.
It was never not raining for a bit there. A rainy Mcmillan street
Doyle and Evan love 2 for 6 teens.
I cant remember who was playing. but they were tight
this ones for Beebe. think fired up
Doyle and his addictions

Shawnster the fun monster, Jodi and Geurts.
Colin and Jarad
We stole some patio furniture and had a time.

I have no idea
Skate Camp at the new Gimli park
Geurts with the body variel?
Ty- back blunt
Doyle must have just ate, he seems pretty happy here.
Pat with the front
ty- back tail

Pat- front tail
bangin you over the head with this noseblunt.
Me and Jimbo went street skating.
His favourite spot, KE benches. Quick ups to lipslide

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