Monday, September 27, 2010

skate the whole city

exclusively blonde highlights and mushroom cuts.
We went to Snowboardermag
Pats Office minus pat
Lance asking Laura to the blogger prom.
Big Ev used to work at Snowboarder.
Back to the Sole Tech TF! Hobush killing it! nollie 180 switch crooks into the bank.
brandon with a back tail
Miguels is the Hakkes Favourite spot. Im not that down
Matty Mo. how Ironic hes at a contest called hot dogs?
here is a mike hakker Guest blog series from HDHR while i was boarding. Lance gets interviewed by Preston Strout. Owner of highcascade
Me right before my ribs get smashed off. sucked.
hardway harrison getting twisted
Jp Joe and Seth as Judges! so tight
Me looking WORKED.
the burning Bush.

The VIP lounge area.
Time travel to Winnipeg. this just in Brady Barf still retarded!
His trusty sidekick Jacob!
Mansion fade. a familiar scene.
Me and Colin fond this... thing, at the UofM. Its not even scared for a second.

GO bombers?
We went to Kenora. didnt really skate much? Kyle back lip
Lecker front board
Jarad boardslide
Jarad Ollie
a whole picnic table. sup
kyle nose manualed this whole sidewalk. and then some
Then we partied at Doyles Cabin.
Lecker landing a shuv
Kyle not landing the impossible.
uh oh

New city hall spot is pretty cool. Limited time only! Jimbo with the front tail
He just landed a line.

Jarad wallride this OG spot
Then we ran into Bram skating downtown that night! he told us a few of his ABDS on this ledge. pretty sick.
Nick noseslide
Like Rob Welsh baby
Evan 5050. That planter could snap your leg clean off.

Then bram Poll jamed this pole 100 times. I like all the photos. So i posted them all.