Sunday, January 17, 2010

rest, and repeat.

Back in winnipeg.
The View from my bedroom
Swung by the Mansion to hang, Jimbo and his lady MegaDeath
James the Freeze
went and helped my dad at his shop with some sanding

My cubicle

The hill
Too short and Blaine
The shredingist dude in know, Chris Saniuk
Anthony baggin air

Fatty to Flatty
laterally jumping kickers is the best time. Saniuk comes in hot with this tuckknee
Beckle hungry

Billy J. Boarder
katlyn and beckle
Smokin Babies. Im so hyped on this photo. It blew my mind to see this kid hackin a grit.
Went and checked out the space some fellow skaters are renting for the winter. Its got promise


Goin to Minnesota on Tuesday. More shred to come

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