Saturday, January 23, 2010

The eye of the storm

This was a pretty crazy 2 last days.
My first Chipotle experience. I couldnt get the chipotlaway south park episode off my mind while eating there. It was upsetting. food was good tho.
The US has so many options for candy and drinks its scary. This one is pretty good, no Homo.
We picked up Gary at the airport.

Breakfast Spot. Brugers Bagels.

Bossy whip
Recess is fun

Then it got real interesting. The weather was calling for shit the next day so we decided to head out to St Cloud to meet up and party with some of Jakes friends he goes to school with. It was my first time being/partying in a Collage town. Intense to say the least.
First stop on our way in was a mellow drink at the Cum Dumpster. A house of 12, all girls. Party was going off already.
Then we stopped at Jakes House (the Abortion Factory) of 10. All guys. It was gnarly in there.

This was there rec room on the top floor, notice the passed out guy. It was 11pm.
Jakes room

...TIGHT! signed and everything.
This was just one of the many parking lots we walked through on our way to the bar. It was possibly the iciest conditions id ever experienced outdoors. I heard on of Jakes roomates took his ice skates out for a spin at 4am.
Bench in dedication to Jakes gramps. Thats whats up.
I hate being underage in the US. Ive been legally able to drink for 2 years in Manitoba. But somehow i got into the McRudys anyway. They call it McMinors for a reason i guess. My fake ID was retarded.
Girls gone wild, for real.
Gary High Fiving Dads in the club.
cleared out.
Fools were going down left run and center. Blackout alcoholics Vs sheer ice conditions= funny to me.
When we finally got back to Plymouth we took Jakes 7 year old drop in out or retirement. This thing is gonna go OFF.

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