Friday, January 1, 2010

Quebec New year

Almost all the people ive met from Quebec are very hard working and committed. When they do something they really go for it. So when i heard we were partying in an igloo up Stoneham mountain for the new year i was hyped! it was a tight setup
Oli crouton, the beginning of the end

Tiko's parents house in Stoneham. A really nice place

The quinsy
gettin er going

Hayden and Big Lou!
A few Quebec heavyweights.

Bloggin a blogger
12am! 2010

Charles, Will, Tiko
Alison trying to spell her name

some pre teen glove tricks

The morning after. Feeling great.

We thought snowboarding was a bit of a chore in this state. So we went to go see Avatar!
It was pretty hype

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