Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is the first time ive been to Minnesota. I always really wanted to come here.
Took the Greyhound to minneapolis. Not so hype, but hella cheap.

Made It! Jake and Brandon
and Viktor
Look what showed up in the mail today. Jakes Check Out blown up like woah.
We went to hyland Hills. One of my favourite days on shred this year. The towrope here is outrageously fast.
Jordan Michilot

Jake rides no high backs. I tried his board out, its not as crazy as youd think. I might try it.
Ricky Winterboard.
We ate Edingtons today. the Soup is bomb.
I am backing this place hard! unlimited salty cheesy bread sticks.

checked out a spot with some hommies.
John Hodge ART
Pat and Jordan assessing the situation.

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