Friday, January 8, 2010

Still Quebec

We spent quite a few days in hotels with shit internet. So thats the reason for my lack of updates.
but here ya go. MEGAPOST
travel day
The snow plows in quebec got more going on then a swiss army knife. These things are intense
The art in out hotel room at "The Coconut Motel". A Hawaiian theme hotel in the middle of quebec.

Cory cronk 5050-noseslide this. is in heavy rotation every night these days.


Alot of stairs to be dug.
that sucked

Monster Mark

this made insanely good sense
getting stoked
handy men. This rail was wobbly as hell.
I never dug out the run up to a spot before. I guess theres a first for everything.
Cheese curds. Clutch move

Sleds at outsie the hotel in sherbrooke.
party on

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