Saturday, May 8, 2010

SUPER park in Mammoth

It ended up me and Jan had the same flights out of Vancouver to Mammoth. So we cruised out.
Snarski ladies and gentleman
LAX we saw Tanner and Jordan, rippers.
Scariest flight of my life.
Putting it down in Mammoth

Met up with the Thirty Two team. Scott Stevens throws a reverse C.D.
Check in, bridges wants to know if your on the list.
Scotty Stee with a frontside 5 melon in main park.
Chris Beresford FS360s
Chris and Ross
Ross poppin a wheely
Brian Cook ThirtyTwo team manager laying out hamones. FS NP
Jess Kimura shreds.
Prince Lance was thur
Des, Sean and Will were apart of the low impact crew rolling superpark (myself included). Bundy lurkin in the back.
Brandon Hobush skates real good. Fly out to pivot.
Cook handling the thirtytwo whip
nothing like a good old drunk carpet boarding session. Beresford mobs.
Burtner came to show us all whats up. FSflip
like i said. Stee? 3 shuvit

Mob flip
shuvit benihana!
Hobush with a FS noseslide
Oli was siked on the Media Frenzy at superpark
This had to be the biggest hazard at SP.
a remote control helicopter equipped with camera? I was certain it would slice some ones dome piece off.
The Centipede jump that Loon created was truly the scariest hitable object ive ever seen. 110 feet to the sweet spot.
Dudes ripped it up all afternoon. at least 75 people watched the sesh.
Tyler Flanigan was Roosting. backside 1080...

Personally i thought this might have been the sickest trick of the day. Austin Hironaka did a backside 360 tucknee. Click to make this shit big. Its WILD.

Will, Jarad, and Tyler along with myself Spectating.
Apres in the parking lot at the thirtytwo van
Harrison Gordon with a 90 foot backside 180...
Homeward bound on the death trap. Overlookin Hollywood

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