Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the spring grind

To start thing off, I have some stuff for for sale. Anyone in the whistler area that is interested should hit me up. Im poor.
I went down to hang at the Aspens after snowboarding the other day with Beebe and Josh. We found this dead bird.
This ones for Bram.
A proper Burial.
D-fed does the Honors
Shibeda shred. Beebe SS FS 180's a cliff on the slide out to Solar from blackcomb park.
Beebe Method
Botched BS Handy
Leo Hoorn is filming camp of champions this year folks. keep your head up.
Me and the rest of winnipeg got some beer and burgs at Merlins at the end of the day. Ben and Derek.
I ran into Adam and Chambo on my way home. I decided to roll up to Pemberton with them and skate Daves ramp. I was so hyped.
Chambo backside D.

The whole ramp is covered with Skate-lite. The best backyard ramp ive skated

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