Friday, May 21, 2010

It all Blends together

Nowadays i dont really find myself doing much except for the same things everyday. It may get a little boring.
We went down to Seymour for a Sandbox park shoot that had been organized.
Tyler from seymour helped us out alot. Thanks man
We added and shaped some of the trannies.

Moves were pulled.
Scotty Brown, little ripper.
It started to rain in Van so me and Clay bounced.
back to the slopes of Blackcomb. Scott derek and da E.
Jody SS FS front board
Derek BS lip
Im always at Beebe Brody and Blasmans nowadays.
They have a Hot-tub and Pool
Leo 5-0 Grinding the 8 foot. Anytime someone gets up on this thing its a hammer.
Leo Crailslide

Brockle goes fast
Leo 5-0
and Smith

Jody Derek and myself decided to check out the Pizza Cafe.

These Calzones are the Bomb. 8.50 with endless toppings. Im DOWN.
Griff and Kareem swung by just in time till get kills on our scraps.