Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer is creepin

Back in whistler from Europe. I skipped blogging the grenade games. It was just too crazy...
We scoped this spot. I dont know why. It was raining
Ashbee is in town. Hes staying at my house. Were best friends.
This kid decided to backflip into glacier run off water. This was last week... and it was raining.
Then D-fed
Tyler Castbee. Broke his hand
It was Jodys 22nd birthday. We went to the old spaghetti factory
saw The E at the skatepark. pretty fresh poncho
my house
Mitch, Matty, Alex. Australian connection.
Upper village. It was my 20th birthday. Batting video to come.
We went to Sushi Village
26 jugs of Margarita were consumed


Birthday chug
Then back to Beebes for some more batting.
Leyland ripping it up.

Griff up to bat. Got a little messy at this point, camera went away

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