Friday, May 14, 2010


Went over to Beebe, Blasman, and Brodys again
hockey was on
PBR, so hot right now
Hot tub.
Party starts
D-fed landed a double backflip that day. Video to come

Brody sleeping where he keeps his clothes
Pre Bar Bat
Sneaked Beebe on this one, zombie face.

My walk home
cruised to the bottom of 7th Heaven. There was a Sandbox jump shoot going on.
It was poppy

One helicopter showed up

Gvez and L-show
Alright im about to post alot of the same photo. click to make em big. they are all hammers moves.
Cartwright snaps a straight air
Why does he have two radios? Oh thats right because there were two helicopters filming...
mark Mcmorris shreeeds

L-show, dont call it a comeback

Quick intermission

Ghetto Birds

Seb Toots has every trick

yeah thats for real, two angles from the sky

When the shoot was done me and leo ran from my house to the beer store in 13 minutes and had 45 seconds till the doors closed. We got there.
Nita lake bonfire closed out the night

afternoon at the skatepark is always going off. Joe and Leo
Lil Steeve rolled down from the city
He brought Fat Jeremy.
Shaun P
Gets Loose
Steven 8 foot pivot fakie. This is where i realized i uploaded these pics in large
Griff nose-g
Emans got his back
Jeremy front tail
Frontside pivot
Front rock
Steve tailblocks

You aint chill

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