Sunday, June 13, 2010

A bright future

Its starting to get nice in whistler again.
Blasman from the aspen balcony
Me and Beebe cruised up to base 2 gondola to check out some stuff Lucas has been working on
The COC rails are lookin fresh
Lucas hard at work
Just a reminder that Neil young kicks ass
This fool snacks more then anyone i know.
A good friend of all ours had a sad loss a week ago. Here everyone got together to sign a card in support. Hommies killin it!
Sollars appearance, hes going to be your favourite snowboarder in a few short months. If he isnt already.

Jody saw this gap on our way to the skatepark. He tried to get street.
Belzile beat him to it tho.
then Jody got his back.
Dfed and Alex saw a bear
it caught everyones attention.
Check it! just a note to anyone who ever comes to whistler. DONT get close or try FEED the bears. sounds crazy but lots of folks do.
First Warm day of the year, felt like Summer. We had a fuckin pool party!
D-fed doing his best to walk on water.

Then to lost lake were i acquired a kick ass full body sunburn.
Saw Karra and Leo there.

Im in Vancouver now. The Sea Bus to Jans side of the shore.
Im going to be skating in Van for a week, expect lots of the shred to come

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