Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lonsdale hang

Hanging out at Jans for a few days. Here him and Brendan try sort out the fact that the keys to his truck in north van somehow made it up to whistler...
In the morning we went to the Pitch and Put in Ambleside. its all par threes and you only use a pitcher and putter. so tight.

Jan with a smooth swing. Our form was on point...

Grabbing the flag, the real deal.
Brendan had the best score somehow, but it wasnt pretty.

Me killing it. not
Jan grabbin some tittays
I suck at putting. so bad

Jans place is so baller. lounge city
these plates of three rolls are 6 bucks each. A STEAL.

I went up the street to lonsdale park. Pretty fun, all street tho.
Lots of Hubbas
North Van spot check. shitty ground, good rail.
Run up
To this 5 block. More shred to come

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