Friday, June 18, 2010

Setting the streets a blaze

Good friend Tyler Geurts from winnipeg made it out to Vancouver. He cruised up with Darrah on her way back out here from home.
We jumped in the car and went to meet up with Gaucher
Tyler Gaucher everyone. We are his house guests for the next week of ripping.
gauch back tail
Geurts front feeble
Gauch switch back tail
t-geurts front blunt
This was actually the land on a front tail flip out.

The night life on Bradley and Gauchers porch. Alien shows the tylers some spots.
3 am beers.
Alien decided we should try do 30 beer shots in 30 minutes. luckily we had these tight RDS matching shot glasses. spons'd skaters get all the perks
Everyone was feeling it at this point.
Alien steals some grip while Geurts passed out. Alien double bounced him on that soggy air mattress in his sleep. Video to come.
The morning
Downtown plaza kinda sucks. But boyde kickflipping over gaucher is pretty kick ass
boyde skated this thing. Its gigantic.

Wreck spot.
Geurts front feebles a barrier
We met up with Bradley and his kick ass tour van.
He took us to this tight gap. Ollieing Gaucher seemed to be the theme of the day.

Brad rips. V-Heel
Gauch gets a hardy.

Picked up a ping pong table for the house on the way back
Dudes were juiced on it.
The next day Dave Christian came out to shoot some photos.
eyeing up big rails.

Kenny Smith is hanging in Vancouver these days too. Hes a Winnipeg loc. Always down to film. Thanks Kenny!
Down to biz
Checked out hastings.
Gauch front tail
SS BS tail
Geurts front 180
Kenny borrowed us his cam for the day
I kickflipped a bush?
"wait this was in color?"
Geurts gets hip
Gauch Ollies
Tyspace front 180.

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