Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sleep, skate, be bored/poor.

Life is good right now. Im living cheap and not really doing much. Like i said before, the same few things every day.
Geeves getting skitched By Snoop Dog
Cheso is not down
Amanda at the Circle skateshop. Her dog barks

Neil Young is my new roomate, its hype
On the way to Squamish in Lucas's car.
Tim Hortons baby, none of these in Whistler. So stoked.
We got the new candy bar donuts. Its the shit.
I got one
Neil drinking some chocolate milk like a champion
I cruised over the to Squamish park and met up with Kye and the gang to skate.
Leo and ben were there. Check the video i posted it a few down.
Jody Griff and Derek got a new place in the village. Its the bomb. Skate 3 all day long.
We convinced Griff to leak us his footy from this season, HAMMERS.
back at Beebes we were partying
Jake Fine ripping. Couple of ladies on the D-floor in the back

Jordan DJ'd pretty solid.
Chriggy working carving up a spud
I guess the girls just heard the term Reet, they are hyped on it.
Beebe taking control of the situation.
heating up
Cooling down at Fat Tonys. Love that Zza.
Young Geevesy ladies, whas up.
Cruised out to Squamish again.
Not before Kye set up a new board.
These "Videographers" had some sort of a cable cam setup. It sucked.
Klink blunt fakie

Leo learnt to pump over the love seat
Leo has the best 5-0s in trannie. Real talk
Back D
Klink gets high with the Chief lurkin the the background.
Klink did a method over this gap more times then my hand could count that day
One side is transition, Gnarly.
Crail tail from Leo.
Kye gets gnarly on the 10 foot with a rock fakie
On his way out of a smith
lean to tail on the 10.
he found the frontside carve line
So did Leo
More party, this time at Garfs for the Snakes/8miles teaser party.
I pitched it up to Stathis. Be batted like a champion.
Jan Snarski cruised up. Legend.
Sorry Legends. beebe and Jan
Sean P, pro skier. Sup Gurls?
B-rad in the clurb
popular crowd.
hung over skate 3 at jodys, again

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