Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Camp of Champions just started so ive been a little busy lately. Here is the rest of my week in Vancouver.
Me and tyler saw this Racoon lurking outside the house.
Little Geurts all tuckered out
This breakfast was the bomb, three bucks at kings cafe. We hit this shit every morning.
Ran into this crew there. Tmac, Jeremy, Carrie, and Lil Steve.
Waiting for the sky train.
Just one of the spots feet from a sky train spot.
Caleb, Gauch, and Kenny. Just finished filming a line, so beat.
Boyed is a champion, Frontside flipped this three block in 4 tries. this was the land
Gauch got a variel heel.
Downtown the next day. its fun to cruise around there. See the spots.
We cruised out to the burbs to hit this rail.
Gauch caveman
Odam snapped the photos. We used to shoot snowboarding together time to time.

Next spot, Geurts Caveman.
Caleb popped his blood blister. skating sucks.
Couple of wobbly pops to cap the night off.
The next day was go skate day. Everyone crammed on the Sky train and went station to station skating spots just a few blocks away.
So many people.
If you look at those guys crouching youll notice Jan Snarski and Jordan Mayfield. Media Blitzin
The cops were at every stop. The station was going OFF
Everyone hyped to get to the next spot.
Wax that shit
This spot was piss. only 5050s went down, which was gnarly

ran into Clinton and Brocklebank

This gap had no run. i couldn't believe dudes were skating it. Boyed set it off with a frontside 180.
Random with a hardflip

manual pad stop. pretty cool spot.
Hopkins in the foreground, nate lacoste gettin popsicled in the back
Nate has huge pop.

Hopkins goes for it with this crazy lady all over the spot.

Hopkins indy
Gifford just missing the flip. Woops.
Gifford has some stee kickflips
Bowl Jam at Bonzor.

Geurts fakie frontboard
This spot was gnarly. Water everywhere. Boyed with the gap to tail
Hopkins ollied into the water
We were out of there. roosting the streets. McCoubrey was hauling
Cruising down the Georgia street Via Duct, was one of the most fun things ive done on my skateboard. So many skaters just roosting.
Hell yeah
Finally Strathcona Park to finish the day off. I love skating here.

Picked up some beers to take full advantage of the day. Leanne, and the Tylers. Bradleys van kicks ass.
Geurts got Coverage! its in the new 3d King shit mag.
Party on.
A little for Gauch
and some for Bradley

We all wanted to shotgun for some reason.
Faded ping pong.
I dont even know dude...
Finally their stupid lizard thing came out on the last night.
Geurts is a tiny man. Brad convinced him to try fit inside my roller bag.
well he did.

and then he fell asleep?
Piled out
I cruised back up to whistler the in the AM. Camp of Champions coverage to come

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