Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Calgary and back

Harrison loves to pretend like he hates facebook, then go on everyone else's. As penalty its Harrison hour on my blog today.
Harrison the thinker
still the thinker
Another thinker
Bird Gang Gordon sets up a spot

Jed and Oli- bros
harrison catching that load
lil shit Jed
Jed, right before he dropped a hammer
We were checking out COP. Hayden dropped us off at the top on our way back down so that harry and i could put down a lap.
Tyler was doing a Van run to Calgary on our last night. So he came and chilled at our hotel for a few hours. It was a treat.
back In Vancouver i went to "THE" Plaza.
Gaucher puts down a nice back tail for the photo.
Ty and Brad. So sick, yet so nice.
Bradley guest blogged my SS FF Impossible

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