Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dont Tapette on that press

New snow. Always a nice wake up.
Crispin getting them crispy snaps.
Pow slash
On the windshield
Frank April is a boss. Hammers for days
the run up
Booterville. The guys got good tricks on this spot
The sun came out. Carefully when you bungee off trucks. Its those times when you slip on ice, let the bungee go, and it almost smashes a window, That you realize how dumb these things are

Hayden and his crew met up with us. Scoping Alexs thrashed board.
Go buy Grendys new Pro Boot! Its the black pair of 86's. Im running them right now and they rule!
More snow after a bit of rain was pretty great.
I dont even like Poutine. Unless its in Quebec. Chez Ashton bitches.
While trying to order in french and ask "mangez ici?" Crispin replied "Si... oh wait"
We eventually figured it out and got ours.
Eddie soaking in the wonderful Carter hospitality.
4 in Alexs truck is great, just ask Horny

Look Justin hes doing something
Sushi with the Homies
And Gurls
horse and Carriage up in Quebec. My mom would be hyped.
Alex gearing up for a serious ham
QC yall

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