Saturday, December 11, 2010

through the language barrier

Skyler rushing out of our place to the shred.

Some bros at seymour!
Brendan Keenan
B with the rodeo
Saniuk has arrived
Ry guy came for a quick trip with him
New roomate
A nice photo of jessie at greek
The next night we went to Tanpopo for some all you can eat Sushi. We went a little overboard for the 4 of us. Had to sneak some food out. worth it tho.
Ry was siked to be back in van.
The next day i left for Quebec City. These people sitting next to me said, and i quote "We booked these seats because no one was sitting at the window, the you had to come around and ruin our ENTIRE life."
I made it. Alexs place is sick. Cripsins got the photos on this trip!
early am portraits. Easy on the eyes
Frank April has been joining us. Hes really good.
M' Carter
Later that night Horny Eddie got picked up by his girlfriend, This is all i could make out of their get away