Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ruperts back from Ontario. Welcome back bro! he hooked me up with a ride to the mtn.
Seymour park staff putting in the new Etnies box. Its the Logo...
Rup tossing a nice backflip up brocton.
The mushroom park is so fun right now! its like winnipeg if the snow was actually good. Rope tows rule.
Rupert juicing the thirtytwo roller
Roomy for the last run of the day. Check the city out. I can almost see my house.
I went skating the next day with ty and brad.
Tyler working out his impossibles while bradley lays down a Ham. I would post the photo of his trick, but instead i wont. "so sick, so nice" dropping 2011. ha

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  1. come on, man- everybody knows it's "so GOOD, so nice."