Saturday, December 18, 2010

We are Tourists

Eddie left his tripod in the back of the truck overnight. He had to go grab it in the freezing am cold. Naturally i shot some photos of his misfortune.
Then i locked him out
I really love these photos
Take that Horny
My first time at this spot. Its pretty much exactly how i pictured it. Weird when that happens
Night spots tend to be alot of work.
But im really down for them.
We went and met up with some of the other guys to see what was up.
They were about to put down some hams.
Thats java filming way back there
This was right after Louif got an amazing clip. Vote for him in the Xgames real snow contest thats going down mid january. His part is gonna rule!
Its M'Carter
We went out to thai for dinner. A few people decided to place credit card roulette. hayden gets his card back.
Alex gets his card back
Cripsin gets his too!
Inevitably It comes down to "The Salomon Tab". I mean how could it not? Java takes the heat.
hayden found this random shirt later in the bar.
Greg rocking his new Plenty for the Holidays shinny silver shit material.
Then Hayden found this quality vest
The ladies love it... Is that Blue Steel or Le Tigre, i cant tell?
It was the Party for slash mags newest release. It looks dope. Go get a copy at your nearest snowboard shop. Oli (editor) and Laurie (babe) partying.
Java took a mid bar shit. Bold move. I mean if you gotta do it you gotta do it.
Eddie enjoyed himself quit a bit.
caught me.
The next morning at the spot Eddie wasn't feeling so great.
Luckily for us Hayden stepped in and GTS'd hard. Thanks bro.
I have had alot of these things since i got here.

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