Tuesday, December 28, 2010


On the last day of our Quebec trip i lost my digi cam for a solid hour in the house. it ended up somehow being in Eddies rolled up pant leg

Out with the old in with the new. Sucks that they ruined that perfect small rail. It was so fun.
But at least its a new spot now. kinda gnar, theres a space between the rails.
Crispin shoots film
its dope
the quebec flag
thats all.
rainy vancouver
Met up with Caley the next day for some christmas shopping.
We had to swing by her new job at the redbull office real quick first.
the 5-0
i dont know why i didnt buy this. It comes with the clip!
Me and Saniuk frequent this sushi place. Its da best
Loosh, holler atchya boi
Then this rainbow started to go off outside my place
Its a Double rainbow all the way across the sky!

Back to Winnipeg for christmas. It ended up me and Gaucher had the same flight!
i watched bugs bunny
Took my little cousin quinn out boarding for the day.

I just finished the new Wreck video. Doyle was helping me burn the first copy
Then we had pizza and a little premiere
Checked out Jacob and Bradys show later that Night. It went off! Evan and mega bro Billy was there.

The closed with Denim on Denim. it ruled
walked across the street for a few drinks up at Wills new art space.
I feel like this photo sums up will very well.
Spring hill was wicked yesterday. I rode with these fools all day. Steve, Brent, Mitch, and Walker.
mitch back 3 off the side whip.
Fred puts down the suitcase
Colin front 3's
Steve gaps out to front board

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