Thursday, March 4, 2010

about that time.

The long drive to a spotless hell.
brody crewed up.
Stopped by Suds the local shop in St. Catharines. This place is tight. A long History.
Bomb ass indoor ramp in the back
Along with a small street course. so sick!

Board wall. Some of the pro boards were 50 bucks even.
Wall of Fame. Heavy (click to enlarge)

ATTENTION WRECK CREW. Hamilton Ontario is the new Arizona?

Snapped this in the mall when we were grabbing a bite. One on the sales ladies tripped.
A new day, 400 more km.
YES, finally i come here.
Ashbee's got all the angles covered.
D. Watt in high places.
This ones for Brocklebank

All you can eat Sushi, hell yeah.
Worst spot in the world alert.

On my last night we met up with Taylor Ricci for some food and beers. K2/Ride team manager and all around BOSS.
This ones for Sansalone.

Some good chillin went down in this basement. Later Ontario!
back in winnipeg.

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  1. yo, did you ever stop by in kitchener? or waterloo?